Michael Landsberg is a film trained digital cinematographer/ producer experienced in most formats and workflows.  Many directors and producers choose to partner with us to take full advantage of our production suport and in house gear.  We produce a variety of formats from feature Films such as "TOXIN" (StudioLine Entertainment) to documentary series for Fusion (ABC+Univision) Landsberg has a firm grasp on content creation and delivery.


In recent years he has worked with The Four Seasons, Common Machine, Bacardi, Hewlett Packard.  He also aquired credits for television networks such as Fusion, Univision, Discovery channel, TLC & FOX.


This last year he served as Director of Photography on the feature action thriller starring Danny Glover & Vincent Jones; titled “TOXIN” (MENTRYVILLE).  He also delivered three seasons of the Telly award winning series "WISDOM" and one season of Mini docs titled "POWER-UP" for Fusion & Univision networks.


Michael is available for Documentary, Narrative film, Industrial as well as new media campaigns. He is a Certified Steadicam Operator with 13 years of real world experience as a Cinematographer, Director of Photography, Director & Producer.  In house we own 3

different camera packages/ Lenses/ Kino Flo Diva lights/ Tungsten lights/ GoPro Black series/ Audio kit/ Grip and support.


For a list of Credits and links to many more work samples please visit:  https://vimeo.com/michaellandsberg





Current Screen Credits:


2014: "WISDOM" Mini-Docs

Production & Post

3 seasons x 12 episodes



2014: "Mens Health & BMW" Promotional spot

Mens Health Digital Magazine

Common Machine


2014: "Power Up" Start Up docu-series

Production & Post

1 season x 6 episodes



2014: "Sugar Kings"

Feature Length Documentary

DP for Gaspar Gonzalez (common Machine)


2014:"Pit Bull & J.Lopez"

World Cup Official Video

BTS: for CornerOfTheCave


2014: "Miami Design District" promo campaign


Multiple Short Docs

Common Machine


2013-"Untitled" Feature length Documentary(in Post-Production)


UNIVISION Documentary Division


2013: "Four Seasons Experince" Florence & Budapest

Cinematographer/ Field Producer

Four Seasons Magazine video series

Common Machine


2013-"Huffington Post Voces"

Celebrity cooking show (Multiple episodes)

Huffington Post Voces



2012-"Mentryville" Feature Film (in post-production)

DoP/ Cinematographer

Studio Line Entertainment

Genre-Sci-Fy/ Action-thriller


2006-Present: Bacardi: Living History Feature Length Documentary(In Production)

DoP/ Cinematographer

Animari Films LLc.



1998-Director of photography

“Talk It Out” :30 spot

The Non Violence Project


1999-Director of Photography

“Lenny Kravitz” :30 spot

Kidz 2000/ Lenny Kravitz


1999-Director of Photography

“Which one is next” :30 spot

The American Lung Association


1999-Director of Photography

“Navarro Pharmacy” :30 spot

Creative Ideas Advertising


1999-Director of Photography

“MDO” :30 spot

Proctor and Gamble


2000-Director of Photography

“Ivote2.com” Balthazar Getty :30 spot

People for The American Way


2000-Co-Director/ Director of Photography

“All is Well” Music Video

Capsule Music


2000- Director of Photography

“Open Mic” (Feature Film directed by Jason Dudek)

Penny Films


2001-E.P. /D.P.

“Flicker Tv” 13 episode series(reality series)*

Charter Communications


2001-Co-Director/ Photographer

“Still” Feature Film

Aurra Films


2001-Director of Photography

“Roberto Perera” Music Video

Capsule Music


2001-Director/ Director of Photography

“As Long As” :30 spot

Martin Campanello/ Bayhealth



“Ivan Sings” Short Film

2420 films(Miami Film Festival award winner)


2002-Director/ Producer

“Cancer” :30 spot

Martin Campanello


2002-2nd Unit Director Of Photography

“Zero” Feature Film (feature length)

The Proxy Factory


2002-Co-Producer/ D.P.

“Fu-Tv” Television Pilot

Do-Jo Productions


2002-Director of Photography/ Steadicam

“Open Mic” Feature Documentary(released 2004)*

Penny Films/ Nuvue Productions


2003-Director of photography

“Kumbia Kings” EPK

Capitol Records


2003-Director of Photography/ producer

“Kisses” :30 spot

Hersheys National/ Trimention Advertising


2003-Director/ Director of Photography

“Bank United” :30 spots

Out of The Blue Advertising


2003-Director of Photography(2nd unit)

1st Unit Steadicam Operator

“Joy Zipper”

Music Video

Hundred Street Films/ Scott Durban


2004-Director/ Producer

“Heart” :30 Spot

Bayhealth Medical Centers


2004-Director of Photography

“Plastic Surgery Before & After” T.V.Episodes 5 thru 9reality show)

Original Productions/ Discovery Health


2004-Director/ Director of Photography

“Miami Heat” :30 spots campaign (:30)

Out of The Blue Advertising


2004-Director of Photography(featured unit-Miami)

“ Richard Branson’s Billionaire’s quest for the next Millionaire”(reality show)



2005-Director of Photography

“Plastic Surgery before & after” T.V. Episodes 11&14(reality show)

Original Productions/ Discovery Health


2005- Director of Photography

“Miami Heat” Bank United campaign (5 X :30)

Out Of The Blue Advertising


2005- Director of Photography

“Mundos Total” Soccer show 12 episodes



2006-present Director of Photography

“Bacardi: The Living History” Feature documentary

Animal Productions/ Bacardi U.S.A.


2006- Director/ Co-Producer

“Palm Treo 650” International Market (:30)

McCann Erickson


2006- Co-producer/ Director of Photography

Bayhealth Medical Centers

5 X :30 Telivision spots

Marty Campanello


2006- Field Producer/ D.P.

Bank United

Multiple T.V.spots

Renny Tirador/ Out of the Blue Advertising


2006- Director of Photography

Bayhealth Medical Centers

In house/ training/ corporate videos

Marty Campanello


2007- Producer

“Fatal Femmes”

Feature Length Womans MMA Fight

DVD/ Television special

Featured in Time Magazine

Released by Maximum MMA 2008


2007-Director of photography

GREY GOOSE/ Product release N.Y.

ID8 advertising, Los Angeles

Bacardi U.S.A.


2008- Director of Photography

Burger King Studios

Multiple Projects/ In house

Ron Towery/ Green T


2008- Director of photography

Extreme Destination Wedding: Turks & Caicos

The Capo Group


2008-Director of Photography

Johnson & Johnsons epk.

Discovery Latin America

Pipo Bonamino/ Right Cut Media


2005-2008-Director/ Director of Photography

“FATBOY: The Movie”(feature length Documentary)

Milos Productions/ Fatboy Films/ ML3 MEDIA

Four national “Best Documentary” Awards

Released by Indican Pictures 2008


2009- Director of Photography

“Fire and Desire” Video

Burger King Studios


2009-Director of Photography

Montessori school Documentary

Right Cut Media/ Pipo Bonamino


2009-Director of Photography

multiple Burger King Promotional Videos

Ron Towery/ B.K. Studios


2009-Director of Photography

“Shooting Lebo”

Alternate Transportation Documentary

The City of Miami


2009-Director of Photography

Television Pilot

Cartoon Network

Producer Gaston Virkel

Full list of credits available upon request*