Michael lining up the shot for Common Machine's Men's Health magazine shoot. Biscayne bay chase boat & rigged Jet skis Using Canon C300, Easy Rig, Go Pros.

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"Hyro Da Hero": Music Video for Stereo Bang records


"TOXIN": Feature Length Sci-Fi Thriller for StudioLine

FEATURED PROJECT: "WISDOM" series for FUSION (ABC+UNIVISION) .  We shot, color graded & edited the three seasons of the award winning mini-doc series for Broadcast, Digital & Social Media campaigns.  We were lucky enough to interview incredible people such as Jane Goodall, Buzz Aldrin, Quicy Jones & even The Muppets. The Digital series just won a 2014 national Telly Award and is expected to run for a fourth season on Fusion.net

"Sons & Daughters": Organic Farm & Winery